Fixed RDP – Your credentials did not work

RDP stands for the Remote Desktop Protocol, used by the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection. We often initiate a Remote Desktop Connection to a machine or server using the mstsc command. The mstsc stands for Microsoft Terminal Server Connection.

When we initiate a connection, we use either the Computer name or the IP address of the machine we are intended to be connected to.

However, while trying to connect, you may have noticed an error coming up, which often looks pretty simple but is as tough as it gets. This error simply states,

Your credentials did not work

The credentials that were used to connect to did not work.

Even after numerous attempts you will find yourself stuck with this problem for which the solution is pretty simple.

Before jumping on to the solution, let’s see what could be causing this issue. Have you ever heard of Windows Hello? Using Windows Hello, we set up our device to enable login using PIN or Fingerprint or Facial Recognition, etc. However, we don’t log in to our machine using Passwords any more as the login mechanism provided by Windows Hello seems to work pretty fast unless your Password is just 1234 which is after to enter.

Now, when you log in to the Main machine using a PIN or Fingerprint or any of the amazing Windows Hello mechanism, your RDP doesn’t allow you to connect to the machine.

But the simple solution is to Restart the machine and log into your account using the Password. Once done, you should not face any issues related to this.

Hope it fixes your issue and you are able to connect to your machine using RDP.

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