Fix Print to PDF missing option in Windows 10

Did you know PDF is one of the most widely used formats for storing documents, images, etc? Even before Windows 10, we used to install 3rd party software like Adobe Acrobat or Nitro PDF to be able to save the document or rather export them in PDF format. However, with the advent of Windows 10, Microsoft added the option of converting files to PDF using a Print to PDF printer. A very simple and elegant process of directly printing anything to PDF.

Thus allowing everyone to print a document/images etc. directly in PDF format. However, there have been times that due to come or the other weird circumstances, we do not see the Print to PDF printer option.

Missing Print to PDF option?

Let’s see how to get the Print to PDF option in the printers list.

Enable Print to PDF from Windows Features

  1. Open Windows Features by pressing the WIN + S keys together.
  1. Search for Turn Windows features
  2. Select Turn Windows features on or off
  3. Inside Windows Features, scroll down and look for Microsoft Print to PDF
  1. Make sure that you enable it and then click on OK
  1. Press WIN + I to open Settings
  2. Navigate to Devices
  1. Select Printers & scanners in the left pane
  2. You should now see the Microsoft Print to PDF in the right side

Hope it fixes the issue for you and you are not able to see the Microsoft Print to PDF printer in the list

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